1:22 PM

Books Read in 2010 - December

So the year comes to a close and I've  documented and counted everything up. I'm 10 off from my goal, but 190 books read in a year is still pretty impressive, no?  March was my busiest month with 37 books read while October was the least busy with only 6.  I think it'll  keep it up next year as well, just to keep track of what I read. Maybe I'll rate them as well so if anyone follows this they can decide if they'd like to read them as well.

Here goes with December's list:

It’s Not About the Accent – Caridad Ferrer
When Stars Go Blue: A novel – Caridad Ferrer
Rosemary and Rue – Seanan McGuire (re-read)
A Local Habitation – Seanan McGuire
An Artificial Night – Seanan McGuire
Nevermore – Kelly Creagh
Reaper – Rachel Vincent
Switched – Amanda Hocking (re-read)
Torn – Amanda hocking
Falling from Grace – S.L. Naeole
Bird Song – S.L. Naeole
Black Halo – S.L. Naeole
My Christmas Wish – Ember Case
Lonestar Sanctuary – Colleen Coble
Hush Money – Susan Bischoff
Glimpse – Stacy Wallace Benefiel
Glimmer – Stacy Wallace Benefiel