11:21 AM

They won't move!

I seem to be having this problem where my characters are content to sit around and drag out my story rather than moving forward and getting to the more interesting stuff.  While it is helping to character build (I suppose) I have a feeling that much of what I've written in the last couple of days will get cut during the editing process (Should I ever get to that. Ha!).  Maybe it's because I don't have my plot all lined out? I have vague ideas and I know the direction it should be going, but I've never been one to outline or note card the entire plot.  I like to let my characters lead me where they may. It often yields some great and interesting scenes, but this time, those damn characters seem kind of lazy. Maybe I shouldn't have made my MC fall from that cliff. She's healing fast, but not fast enough and the pain is slowing her down.  Then to have our love interest/Cat Boy get bitten by a poisonous animal? These two need to live in a bubble for their own protection! 

I did get them back on their way last night and now I have to flash over to our other group of travelers who are coming to meet them, so hopefully by the time I get back to MC & Cat Boy they will have gotten their shit together and will be fowing as they should.

Pesky misbehaving characters. What can you do about them?