11:19 AM

Follow up...

Oops! Almost forgot to give answers to last week's creative writer award. Here goes!

1. The only two articles I ever wrote for my high school newspaper ended up in the yearbook. - TRUE I was never officially on the paper staff, but my senior year English teacher asked me to write a couple articles. How they ended up in the yearbook I'll never know.

2. I write Smurf erotica under a pen name. (It's hard when there's only one female smurf!!) - FALSE It would be hard though and I think you'd all understand why a pen name would be needed...

3. I spent the night in Amsterdam's Red Light district. - FALSE While I did visit in the evening, I did not spend the night there. It was a little creepy being a woman there when the alleyways are so narrow. Ew for horny guys rubbing up against you just to walk by.

4. I speak two other languages (conversationally) besides English. They are Spanish and Japanese. - TRUE This has to do with my undergrad degree in comp. lit & languages. I was one class short of a minor in Japanese. I can get by with either language if need be.

5. When I went to Vegas three years ago, I got married but had it annulled the following day. - FALSE Considering who I was dating three years ago, Thank God this is false.

6. I'm hard on cars. I've gone through six of them in the past four years. - FALSE I've had my current car for about 10 years now. It's been hit by many people/things, but it keeps on going! It's a trooper.

7. I climbed Mt. Fuji on a dare. - FALSE It is a dream of mine to climb it one day.

8. At the age of 27, I tried out for American Idol, but didn't make the cut. - FALSE I did have an ex who wanted me to try out though. I probably should have just to be able to say I did.