10:29 PM

Get to work!

I finally sucked it up and sat down to do some editing. Well, more like I'm sick and stuck in bed and bored out of my gourd so I might as well do something to feel accomplished today. Brushing my teeth just doesn't cut it.

I decided to revisit my first novel. I finished the rough draft around three years ago. The poor thing has just been sitting around collecting dust, wondering why I don't love it. It's not true novel! I *DO* love you! You are my first child. I love your story and I love your characters. I'm just lazy and those other pesky ideas in my head were fighting to get out. I didn't mean for you to feel abandoned and lonely. I promise to make it up to you!

I think I got a good start by editing the first chapter today. It's been a while since I read the story so it's nice to come back to it. I admit I am cringing at some of things I wrote, but that's the point of editing right? To fix that stuff.

Here's to hoping I can keep the momentum up.