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Books Read in 2011 - January

I've decided to continue my task from last year of keeping a running tally of all the books I read. Not only to see how many I read, but also to keep track of what I've read, authors I've enjoyed, etc.  This year I've added a rating system so you, my lovely followers, will have an idea of what I thought of the book.

I don't do reviews because I've kind of always hated book reports and I'm concerned I give too much away. If I really enjoy something, I might do a reaction, but no real review. I don't want to accidentally ruin it for someone if I say too much!

Here is the key I devised:  (GAH! blogger turns Word symbols into letters. Let me hunt up real images...)

 Rating System:

Outstanding. You need to run out & get this NOW!


Meh. I was not much of a fan.

Under no circumstances should you waste your time with this.


Alex Flinn   
Blood of Gold
B.V. Larson
Tess Oliver  
Bitterroot Crossing
Tess Oliver  
Safe Landing
Tess Oliver  
Poison Study
Maria V. Snyder
Magic Study
Maria V. Snyder
Fire Study
Maria V. Snyder
Water Wars
Cameron Stracher
Nothing Like You
Lauren Strasnick
-  Amanda Hocking
Anna and the French Kiss
-  Stephanie Perkins
Her And Me and You
Lauren Strasnick
Geek Girl
-  Cindy C. Bennett
Clockwork Angel (re-read)
Cassandra Clare
I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
Mockingjay (re-read)
Suzanne Collins
Forbidden: Playing with Fire
Karen Erickson 
(this is quite NSFW!)
A Feast for Crows
-  George R.R. Martin
Snowy Night Seduction
Arianna Hart
20 books read. If you have any questions about a specific book or why I gave it the rating I did, feel free to ask in the comments section!