12:28 PM

An announcement

After Tuesday's post on choosing what to read based on reviews, I thought it time to inform you all that you will soon start seeing reviews, of a sort, appear on this blog. I've recently joined a blog tour and will be helping others by reading and reviewing their work here.  My reviews aren't going to be the typical discussion of "this is what happens in the story".  I find I get too excited to share information about the book and give away tidbits I should be leaving the reader to find on their own. Therefore, my reviews are going to be a combination of a personal reaction to the story (how it made me feel, whether I enjoyed it, what I liked and didn't like about it) and a question and answer session with the author. I think it's beneficial for a reader to know what prompted the author to write the story in the first place and did they have to do a lot of research or was it based on facets of their own experiences. Doing a Q. & A. also gives me a chance to help promote other works and up and coming projects of that author. Personally, if I like a story, I try to find all I can by that person because I expect to find similarly good work.

If you enjoy the reviews, please be sure to comment on them and give the author some love. I know, whenever I post work for others to read, I'm anxious to see what was thought of it and to see if there are suggestions or questions the readers have.  If you do happen to purchase or borrow that work from the library, please be sure to give your own review or rating somewhere. It doesn't have to be in depth,  every little bit helps.

Also, feel free to comment and make suggestions on the format and the types of questions I ask. I'm always open for feedback!


Austin James said...

This is a really good idea (combining the review with a question and answer session)... looking forward to it.

Orlando said...

I think that's wonderful idea. Many people rely on other people's point of view to purchase a book. I'll be looking forward to it.

MBee said...

Thanks folks! (how odd that the two of you posted at the exact same time...)

Be sure to let me know how the format works for you as the reader.

~* (aliyah) *~ said...

I like this idea! I love reading book reviews as well as writing them so I'll definitely keep an eye out for yours in the future =)

MBee said...

Awesome thanks! :D