9:25 AM

Books Read in 2011 - April

Slow reading month for me, but I think it's due to the high volume of writing I've been doing. Next month will probably be better since I know a lot of great things came out recently! As always, if you have questions or comments on anything I've read, please speak up!

Recap of the rating system:

Outstanding. You need to run out & get this NOW!


Meh. I was not much of a fan.

Under no circumstances should you waste your time with this.

City of Fallen Angels
- Cassandra Clare
Daeva (beta)
- Chris Cook
The Last Hunter
- Jeremy Robinson
White Cat (re-read)
- Holly Black
Red Glove
- Holly Black
Hex Hall (re-read)
- Rachel Hawkins
- Rachel Hawkins
13 Little Blue Envelopes (re-read)
- Maureen Johnson
Infinity: Chronicles of Nick
- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Invincible: Chronicles of Nick
- Sherrilyn Kenyon


Car Title Loans said...

You've read more books in a month than I have this year! Out of the ones you've given three stars, which would you say is your favorite? The City of Fallen Angels looks good, but I don't know what to pick!

MBee said...

City of Fallen Angels is great! But I'd suggest you start at the beginning of the series. CoFA is book 4 already! :D It's a great series if you like young adult paranormal with some romance.

One of my all time favorite series is the Hunger Games. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend it!