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This is the book that never ends...

'Cause it goes on and on my friend. Sorry. Some of you are probably cursing me right now for the earworm, but it's true. This book I'm working on does not want to end!  I can see it, just over the horizon. It's close enough that I should be able to streeeetch and touch it, but it keeps alluding me!

It's those damn (lovable) characters of mine. They're not ready for the story to be finished.  The devious bunch are demanding one more steamy make out scene, one more horrific event to be thrown in, one more hurdle for the heroine to leap over.  I'm impressed by their stamina, but I wonder how much of it will end up making the final cut.  I hate to feel I'm rambling on in a story, so hopefully it doesn't all come off as filler, because that will just seem like I wasted a whole hell of a lot of time.

Does this happen to people who have plotted their stories out? Do your characters ever run amok and change things on you? How do you deal?  I almost always start a story with an ending in mind, but how I get there is left to the characters. As their personalities develop, my stories often take turns and twists even I never expected. It's kind of a cool phenomena.

I do hope my characters get tired and let me end things before I get bored. That will definitely make for a poor ending. Perhaps I need to entice them somehow. A plate of special brownies perhaps? What says you faithful readers?

Let's hope this little dude is right...about the story at least

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Patricia Lynne said...

I don't mind my story going on way longer than it should because later when I'm editing, I find it easier to cut scenes then add them. So I say, give them what they want and if you have to cut later. That's when you make a tab on your blog for deleted scenes (cuz everyone loves special features!)

MBee said...

Good point! I didn't even think of that! :D