10:51 PM

Breaktime is over!

I took some time off to do some reading and give my mind a break. I think it was well worth it. I re-read through the WIP and refreshed my memory on some of the minor details.  Things have been going swimmingly since. I did some great writing yesterday between shifts breaking the 76k word mark and writing an important scene. I ended up introducing two new important but minor characters as well

The end is drawing near. I can see it looming in the horizon, it's shimmering colors are calling to me daily.

"Come see me!"
"I'm exciting and interesting."
"I'm getting bored waiting for you!"
"Hurry it up already!!"

As you can see, it's getting quite impatient so I hope to be visiting it shortly. That will be a happy day indeed, until, that is, it's cousin "Edit" comes a calling.  I'm actually excited to edit for a change. I think I will be re-writing the whole opening scene as I feel it's quite weak. It'll be fun to see what I can come up with once the story is complete.

Stay tuned folks!