10:27 PM

Teaser Tuesday

How about something steamy this week?

“Is this ok?” he whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her skin. Unable to reply, she simply nodded her head. He tightened his arms around her and told her to keep watching the lake. They sat in silence for several minutes when Natalie noticed something slide across the incredibly still body of liquid. She sat up a little trying to make out what it was. The one was followed by several more. They looked like stars shooting through the water.

“OH!” she exclaimed suddenly looking up. Just as she thought, there was a meteor shower going on in the sky. It was beautiful, but to watch the same show reflected on the lake top was incredible. She wished she had a camera to record the moment so she could remember it forever.

“Kirin, it’s beautiful,” she gasped.

“I’m glad you like it,” he told her, his voice deep and husky. Natalie turned her head to thank him for bringing her but when she saw his face, the words would not come out. All the passion and the heat from the night before had returned to his eyes. They were glowing bright with desire. Natalie was sure it was echoed in her own eyes. Kirin deftly shifted Natalie so she was sitting in his lap, facing to one side. Cupping her face in his warm hands, he turned her chin to meet him. Her hazel eyes closed in anticipation. The kiss was soft and gentle, at first, then the heat of their passion took over. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. Natalie ran her hands through his hair. As she gently scratched behind his ear, he became perfectly still. Concerned she did something wrong, Natalie opened her eyes and went to move her hands from his head.

“Don’t,” he choked out, his eyes closed in ecstasy. “Please, don’t stop.” Feeling emboldened by Kirin’s reaction, she resumed scratching him behind his ears while kissing his face and neck. Kirin let out little moans of pleasure and purrs. His breathing quickened and she could feel how fast his heart was beating. In one swift move, Kirin shifted their bodies again so Natalie was lying on her back and Kirin was hovering above her. Both of them were breathing heavily. Natalie lazily noticed that the meteor shower was still playing in the background. Kirin brought his head down and gave her a long slow kiss. He settled himself down next to her, propping himself up on one elbow. His free hand caressed the length of her torso. That hand crept under her shirt as he continued stroking her body. Natalie shivered.

“Cold?” he stopped kissing her to ask. She shook her head.

“I’m on fire.”

Spurred on by her admission, Kirin re-took possession of her mouth. Both of their hands were under each other’s shirt, exploring the unfamiliar territory. Each touch lit a new flame of fire. When Kirin began fumbling with the button on Natalie’s jeans, she grew still. She placed one of her hands over his and slowly shook her head. Looking in her eyes, Kirin realized that he had tread into uncharted waters. He removed his hand and gave her one last sweet gentle kiss while surreptitiously pulling her shirt back down to cover her bare skin. He gave her a compassionate and understanding smile while stroking her hair.

“It’s late,” he finally said. “I should take you home.” While Natalie never wanted the night to end, she knew it was for the best. It was breaking her heart to think that she might never see this man again.