6:25 PM

Nanowrimo 2010 - 1st week

I am slightly behind in the word count, but I hope to make it up this weekend!  Even though it's posted on my Nano profile, I figured I'd post my synopsis and prologue here for all to see (protected by creative copyright, yadda yadda don't steal my stuff :P )

Enjoy and feel free, as always, to post comments good and bad!


Power of the Stars

Ten would arrive
Young and spry
Power inherited by their stars
Will take them near and far
Betrayed by one
Yet sacrifice none
Forever their lives will change
Blood and tears will soak the land
When victory is at hand
Should they choose wrong
History will make a song
Of the day the Tenma died

    It was supposed to be a day escaping the summer heat; a day for two councilors and eight young campers to explore the caves of Jenny Jump State Park. No one expected the field trip to land them in the strange land of Tenma, where their arrival had been prophesied. Not only were they expected, but they learn that they possess powers based on their zodiac sign; powers that will be used to save or break the land.


     There was a hole in the sky. Not a literal hole, but a gaping stretch of the darkest black where no star shone. A head turned reluctantly, to look around. There were several other patches of inky blackness void of starlight. The sigh that escaped wizened lips was long and pregnant with unspoken knowledge. A sharp piercing whistle echoed in the silent night, followed by the soft sound of flapping wings. A small owl landed on an outstretched arm, head cocked and eyes bright. It preened itself while a small tube was attached to its leg. The bird gave an indignant hoot as the arm swiftly moved up to give the owl the sign to be on its way. Taking to the air, it crossed the dark sky heading east toward the sleeping city.
    “Master?” The old man sighed again when the younger voice questioned him.
    “What is it boy?”
    “I…I had a dream,” the boy said. “A lion fell from the sky. Followed by a ram and an archer and a scorpion. The sun went black and they began to fight. What does it mean?” A wrinkled hand rested heavily on the younger male’s shoulder. It squeezed him hard enough that there would surely be a bruise in the morning, but the boy didn’t flinch or whimper.
     “It means that they’re coming,” said the man, his voice queer with sadness.
     “Who’s coming?”
     “The children of the prophesy. The ones with the power to break or save the land. The children with the power of the stars.”