2:11 PM

Where oh where can the beta readers be?

Now that I've finally finished a round of editing on novel number one. I need to get my hands on a person willing to be a beta reader.  I've had a couple of friends read it over for me, but we all know that friends tend to be nice and not 100% honest with their opinions in such matters.

I have tried to find a good crit group or someone I could swap beta reading duties with, but all prospects seem to fizzle out. I understand people are busy and most don't read as quickly as I do, but everyone seems to disappear on me. Is it my writing? Is it so bad that they figure it's easier to ignore me than to tell me the truth? I just don't know.

Finding a good beta reader or crit partner for that matter, is proving to be just as hard as finding a decent man. Someone who's honest and dedicated. Someone who enjoys some of the same things  I do and who has a passion for those things. Someone who will give me the time and attention needed for it to be a good partnership.  I'm more than willing to reciprocate!


Who would have thought the two things would have so much in common?  Can anyone point me in the right direction to find what I need? If not the beta reader/crit partner, than perhaps a good man? I'd be eternally grateful either way!


Melissa Dominic said...

i understand your sentiments exactly. i have only one real person i trust with my manuscripts at this point and while i love that, sometimes i think it's better to get a few other eyes on things. why is it so hard? i have no idea.

if you ever wanna chat about these kinds things, email me or such, i'm down for possible beta-ing if our stars align!

MBee said...

Will do! Thanks :) I see you're doing Nano as well, which as you know eats up allllllll free time! When the nanoveling is over with, I will definitely revisit this and drop you a line. Best of luck this month!