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Book Trailers

So, book trailers. What are they and are they really important in helping promote your novel?

A book trailer is very similar to a movie trailer. It's a video clip, normally set to music, used to catch the eye of a potential reader. To garner attention and make them excited to pick up your book.

They should be short and sweet and above all, interesting. Make it a snooze-fest and people will forget about it, and your book, the second after they click off the page.

There are different kinds from the extremely awesome, obviously professionally made ones, to the amateur, work with what you've got, trailers.  They can be a collection of images and text set to music (*cough*this is good for the monetarily challenged folks like myself*cough*), or it can be a collection of scenes from the novel acted out or even an animation.

As to how important they are, I can't really tell you. I think they're a helpful marketing tool, but do I think you can gain as much interest for your novel without one? Probably, but I do think trailers appeal to the occasional reader. The ones who would most likely opt for a movie or TV show over reading a book. We're visual creatures and I think, for those types of people, the trailer helps generate more interest than just the summary would do. As long as your trailer doesn't look a complete mess, I think it can only help, not hurt.

I have to admit, I don't watch too many book trailers myself. I'm not sure why because the ones I do stop for seem to be good. Maybe it's just because if I'm interested in a book, it's due to the blurb on the page and if that catches my attention, then I don't need the trailer. Obviously, that didn't stop me from making one of my own.

Mine is no where near professional, but I think it's interesting enough to catch someone's attention and as an indie author, I need every bit of help I can get!  Let me know, honestly, what you think. I value your feedback, even if you think it sucks. ^_^


Melissa said...

Sounds great! I'll definitely buy a copy. :-D

MBee said...

You're my new best friend! :D