6:36 PM

Back Up

Just a note for all you other writers out there. Back up your work. Whether you are finishing your story or in the middle of editing it, back it all up somewhere. Hell, back it up to more than one place. Things happen and hard drives have a funny way of dying when you least expect it. I highly recommend  storing your work online somewhere. Now I don't mean copy and paste the whole of your story into a blog, but it wouldn't hurt to put a copy into Dropbox or onto Google Documents. I would even suggest emailing it to yourself if you use an online email client such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.

If you do it often enough, then you can have copies to go back if you decide you don't like a revision you've done or if your computer/laptop dies (like mine did recently). It will allow you to have an up to date (or very close to it) version of your work to continue on instead of crying that your masterpiece is gone gone gone.

Head my warning folks. I'd hate to hear that all your hard work is gone when it could have so easily been avoided. Save those tears for some other heartbreak affair, OK?