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Book Review - A Line in the Ice

Title:  A Line in the Ice
Author: Jamie Craig
Genre:  Sci-Fi Romance

Amazon Summary: 
Bloodthirsty monsters are emerging from the Antarctic ice, the same creatures that once stalked the battlegrounds of World War I. Back then, a group of soldiers valiantly fought off the beasts—and were never seen again. A century later, an elite military squad stands between civilization and the mysterious return of the enemy. Captain Charlie Weller thinks she’s seen everything—until a man crawls out onto the ice, barely alive and muttering about a place called Illyria. Lysander Davies claims to be the descendant of one of the missing soldiers. He insists the monsters are actually gentle creatures, under the control of beings far, far more dangerous… Drawn to the stranger, Charlie believes his stories and agrees to help him. But they both know nothing can come of their feelings for one another, for the only way to save earth is for Lysander to return to Illyria and close the rift behind him, forever…

Personal reaction:
I love a good romance and A Line in the Ice certainly delivers. Sci-fi related romance is new to me, but I enjoy many aspects of a good sci-fi book and this one has just enough to make it interesting but didn’t leave me scratching my head over complicated gadgets or weird political systems, etc. 
I appreciate the strong female character of Charlie. A romance with a woman in a military group is unfamiliar to me too, but the author(s) made her believable and realistic. She was hard when she needed to be, and soft at the appropriate times.
It was an exciting and enjoyable read with action and romance. A good combo.


Q) Please explain who Jamie Craig is.
Jamie Craig is the joint effort of Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean.

Q) Is this your first collaboration?
It’s definitely not the first book we’ve collaborated on together. We’ve never attempted to collaborate with other people before we began working together, though.

Q) Romance books with Sci-Fi themes don’t seem to be the norm. What prompted you guys to write one?
We’re both big fans of genre--not just romance, but horror, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy. The great thing about romance is that there’s always room to add another genre or two to the mix, and that’s what we love to do. We’ll write everything from historical westerns to futuristic Sci-Fis because we want to find the most interesting story.

Q) Tell the truth, are those sexy times scenes as fun to write as they are to read?
Of course! Sometimes it can be difficult, I won’t lie. But it’s always fun. So a lot like real sexy times!

Q) Antarctica is cold and bleak. Why choose such a harsh local to set your story?
Precisely because it’s harsh. Actually, this all started with a dream of a woman finding a man in the middle of the ice. Where did he come from? Why was he there? What was his story? The whole novel developed from those basic questions, and so Antarctica was always critical to the project.

Q) Charlie is a tough cookie!  Why make her a soldier? Did either of you have any personal military experience?
When we came up with the back story of why the rift would need to be guarded, we knew we needed to make the team military to mirror their roots. That allowed us to give our characters the skill sets they needed to survive in such a climate as well as make sure the job got done. Also, there’s a sense of self-sacrifice that comes along with the military, that belief that what you’re doing matters and you’ll do whatever it takes to save the people you’re protecting. That was core to what we wanted these people to be. Neither one of us has direct military experience, though Vivien has multiple people within her family who have served/still serve.

Q)  How much research did you guys have to do, if any, before writing A Line in the Ice ?
A lot! There was the military aspect, which we wanted to get right, as well as learning as much as we could about physiology so that we could create creatures that would survive exposure to such cold elements. We had the Shakespeare covered, thanks to Pepper, but we both had to brush up on our WWI history to make sure it all meshed well together.

Q) What can we expect from you guys next?
The final book in our Silver Maiden series will be released by Carina in September--Revealing Silver.

Q) Where can fans follow and connect with you?
Our website is http://www.jamie-craig.com/, and we’re on both Twitter (@jamiecraig) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-Craig)

Q) Lastly, for fun, if A Line in the Ice was being made into a major motion picture, who would you cast for Charlie and Lysander?
Hmm good question! Even though Colin Farrell doesn’t really look like how we envisioned Lysander, we think he’d be great for the role. He can be the charming, romantic lead and then go kick some major ass.
As for Charlie, think Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2. The look is perfect, but as an actress, she has tremendous range. She can sell both tough and vulnerable, which is what makes Charlie who she is.

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