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Please don't feed the trolls

Recently, an aspiring author friend of mine started putting up chapters of his story Heart of Winter  on his blog/Facebook page and someone came along and anonymously posted a comment about how he should stick to his day job, yadda yadda yadda. While it being totally untrue (I've read his first novel. It's GOOD!) it's also ridiculous and quite cowardly in my opinion.

Since this is the internet, trolls are pretty common. People feel brave hiding behind a monitor I suppose.  Many will say people troll because they're jealous and that might very well be true, but I think some people are just down right mean. They have miserable lives and feel like they have to spread that misery. Damn bullies are everywhere. Even on the internet.

If you really don't like something, far be it from me to tell you not to comment, but be an adult about it. Don't be cowardly and post as anonymous. Back up your position. Did you find a bunch of typos? Is my grammar poor? Are my characters one dimensional? Do I have plot holes big enough to drive a Mac Truck through?  To just say "You suck" tells me you're just jealous and/or mean.

If you've got problems with a troll, don't feed them more ammo. To argue back is what most of them want.  They want to debate and keep reminding you how much they think you "suck".  You can do one of two things; either ignore them completely or I  find jokingly agreeing with them and refusing to get angry works for me.

Them: You suck!
Me: I KNOW RIGHT?! It's amazing that they still allow me space on the interwebs!
Them: uhh yeah, uhh you are..umm yeah...you SUCK!
Me: Totally! I can suck a battery through a garden hose!...oh wait, is that not what you meant?
Them: ....YOU'RE NO FUN!
Me: I know
Them: *logs off*

Like the occasion bad review, you're probably going to get a troll here and there. Don't let it get to you and don't take it personally. Let their comments roll off your back and move on. Like all bullies, they'll get bored and soon crawl back under their bridges to wait for another goat who tries to cross.


Bobby Mathews said...

in a nod to Fark, let me simply say: THIS. so much THIS.

if you write, you can't pay attention to people who tell you that you suck. you've got to press forward in the face of overwhelming, crushing odds.

and that's just from life--to say nothing of the publishing industry. ;-)

PC Wheeler (cillaclare) said...

so true! there's a difference between constructive criticism and flaming. I don't know why some people troll, perhaps they get a kick out of it or something - but IMO a quick delete and a block is pretty satisfying too if it's on your own site. Otherwise, yep, just ignore them.

Nancy Hinchliff said...

Have to agree with the above two comments. I write for hub pages and for a while, in their forum, so much of this was going on and a lot of people got really upset and shot back with a vengeance. Of course it didn't do any good. It just fed the trolls. I'm a great believer in ignoring stupidity. Good post.

MBee said...

@Bobby Oooh I've had my share of Fark trolls. After 7 yrs they've learned it's no fun to harass me because I just pick on myself and they get bored :P

@PC It is handy that on your own site you can just delete and move on. Hopefully they don't show up in the first place...but depending on how long you're around, you're bound to have one at some point.

@Nancy feeding the trolls just makes them hungrier. I understand it upsets people and they want to explain themselves or fight back, but sometimes, most of the time, it's just not worth getting that worked up over it. I tend to be a very laid back person so maybe it's just me, but I don't really feel like I have to defend myself to nasty strangers. :P

Lesann Berry said...

Anonymous postings that are intentionally hurtful serve no purpose. They're like dustbunnies that collect under the furniture, sweep 'em up and toss 'em out.

Very cool background by the way. = )

MBee said...

Thanks! I went through tons before finding one a liked...there are far too many out there! hehe

I think I'd like to suck trolls up in my vacuum like I do the dust bunnies. At least we couldn't hear them in there! :D

Ellie said...

I laughed at your way of handling trolls. I think I shall borrow that if I ever come across another one!

MBee said...

Heh hope it works for you! :D