12:27 AM

Teaser Tuesday

Yes it's early, but it's still Tuesday! I was up writing so I figured I'd get it out there now. Here goes!

Natalie kept up a constant stream of chatter and they worked together to get the list of chores completed. She found it wasn’t difficult to act happy and enjoy the conversation as Ryan was witty and seemed to enjoy talking to her. She was having such a good time she almost forgot about her plan to milk him for information. She pinched herself hard to bring herself back to reality. She was on a mission here! She couldn’t let her outfit and preparation go to waste!

“So, I missed the rest of your story the other day,” she started. “Would you be willing to retell it to me?”

“About how I escaped and came here?” he asked while expertly mucking out one of the stalls.

“Yeah…unless, ya know, it’s too painful to talk about. I’d understand,” she told him and found that she meant it. She liked Ryan and didn’t want to hurt him in the process. She’d find another way to get to her brothers if need be.

“I actually had help,” he told her.

“Help? From whom?” she inquired as she handed him the water skin she had filled up earlier. Ryan graciously accepted it and took a big swig. He let out a sound of satisfaction before wiping his mouth and continuing on.

“Do you know what a Felinian is?” Ryan asked her.

“Felinian? Not a clue,” she told him, a puzzled look on her face.

“They’re a species native to this planet. They’re very much like humans except..they have a lot of cat features, hence the name Felinian,” Ryan explained.

“Cat…people?” Natalie asked incredulously, “Like..furries? Those weird people back home that dressed like animals and uhhh..do stuff with each other?” Ryan let out a loud laugh.

“Not exactly,” Ryan said through his laughter, “Besides, how would you know about furries anyhow?” Natalie found herself blushing again. Truth of the matter was that Josh, who was quite into the anime scene had found some furry porn and showed her one day just to see her shocked and horrified expression. She didn’t talk to him for a week.

“I uhh had a friend who told me what it was,” she admitted, not able to look him in the eye.

“Suuuuurrre you did,” he teased, “Ya know, you’d look pretty hot with kitty ears and a tail.” Natalie crouched down and hid her hot face in her lap. Josh had told her the same thing.