12:17 AM

Who's vote counts?

Lately I've been entering a couple of contests here and there: Write a 250 word piece showing not telling what happens, share the first page of your MS/WIP, show us the first 200 words of your WIP and see if you can hook us. It's been fun and interesting to see what others think...but it's been frustrating as well. Some people seem to be loving what I've got, while others are confused because the opening leaves the reader asking "what's that?" "what's going on?"...which I thought was a good thing. The answers are all there, just a little further down the page/in the first chapter. It bothers me that some totally get that while others don't. I've changed my style a little because people kept telling me I was spelling things out too much. They said I should put faith in my readers that they will understand/be able to figure it out. Perhaps they were wrong?

So the question really is, who do I believe? Do I go with those who are getting it and enjoy it? Or do I believe the others who are struggling? Do I go with people who are just starting out like me? Or do I go with people who have published works? Maybe I should find a happy medium. I could work in some more things since in reality, my first page doesn't have to be 250 words.

I'd post it here and see what you guys think, but my faith followers...you're all kind of quiet ^_^ I guess I'll just wait and see when re-writes come up again and what beta readers think of it.

If nothing else, these contests are helping me grow that thick skin I'll need when the rejections start coming in...